Home cinema systems are simply a TV (typically a big screen) and surround sound speakers (usually 5 or 6).

OXFORD AERIALS has many years experience of installing these home cinema systems. Our installers can provide whatever service suits your needs. For example: 

  • Fitting and connecting up your own shop bought surround sound system

  • Wall fixing your plasma TV.

  • Planning a professionally installed system.

We are happy to install your own equipment, advise on any purchase you make or provide the equipment for you.


A multi room audio system allows your hi-fi/ I-pod/ I-phone system to play throughout several rooms in your house simultaneously. There are many fully controllable systems available on the market which can cost many thousands of pounds.

OXFORD AERIALS offer a specialist installation service by providing a low cost multi-room audio solution without having to spend thousands of pounds on an expensive audio server. We can usually create a four room audio system with independent control of each room for around £1000 plus vat.

Please contact us and we will be happy to provide you a quote on whatever system you require.



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