Internet and Wi-Fi installations

OXFORD AERIALS offer an extension installation service for all your home internet and Wi-Fi needs. So if you have poor internet signal in one part of the house we can usually extend your broadband signal and in turn improve your wifi signal.


Hard wired internet points

These are wired from your broadband router so you can plug your desk top computer in for perfect broadband connectivity.

We have outdoor grade Cat6 cable and so we can hide cables externally on your house along facia boards and behind drain pipes etc. This avoids the need to see cables in the house or to spoil internal decoration by hiding cables. Because of our experience carrying out discrete cabling from aerials and dishes we are good at this sort of cable installation.
Typical cost is £100 per point.


Wi-Fi extenders

If the Wi-Fi signal from your broadband router doesn’t reach parts of your house or because you have weak Wi fi signal where you would like to use your smart phone or tablet then we can run a Cat 6 cable to a convenient position and install an extender. These are wired from your router to a re-transmitter which can be positioned to cover the Wi-Fi ‘dead spots’ in the Wi-Fi coverage from your router. We use Apple Express unit's which are reliable and easy to use.
Typical cost is £200. 

We can also install wireless Wi-Fi boosters also called wireless wifi range extenders.


Please call us to arrange a free survey and complete quote.

Our engineer will discuss with you - 


1) Your internet connection and wi-fi requirements

2) Where the cables could be run and hidden