The Digital Switchover (DSO) is now complete for the South East of England with Crystal Palace being the final transmitter to be switched in this region.
Many viewers in Henley, Marlow and surrounding villages are now able to receive Freeview for the very first time- before DSO all they could receive were the 4 analogue channels. This is great for them as they get many more channels, however, many of these households will only receive a portion of the mainstream Freeview channels as they get their signal from the local relay transmitters. We have received many calls and queries about this and the main complaint is that ITV3, ITV4, Film 4 and Yesterday (popular channels) are not available from these relay transmitters. For these customers who really want be able to watch these channels, we are installing Freesat- this gives them the full range of digital channels from a satellite dish, it does however mean that this costs more than having a Freeview receiver added to their existing TV aerial system.