Residents of apartment blocks and flats frequently want to have Sky TV.  However, planning rules do not allow separate dishes to be installed on blocks of flats or apartments – so dish sharing is mandatory.  OXFORD AERIALS are able to offer a very flexible approach to providing these systems.

Global Feed: The simplest solution is to feed Sky signals from a shared dish to everyone, finishing with a satellite outlet in each flat. Residents can then simply subscribe to Sky if and when they want to in the same way as house holders - but without the need for a seperate dish for every flat.

Selective Feed: In the situation whereby not all residents in the block want Sky TV, global feed may not be appropriate. In these circumstances OXFORD AERIALS will just provide the ‘head end’ of the satellite system and only connect residents who request it. Others can then be added in the future if they wish.

Either the landlord can pay for the ‘head end’ leaving residents to pay for their own connections or we can offset the installation cost to the system users.

These options therefore permit landlords and property managers to supply a Sky TV signal to residents without conflicting with planning regulations.

Single Cable System: There has long been a problem in blocks of flats where tenants have been unable to make the best use of their Sky+ service. This is because in some blocks of flats there is only one aerial cable to the flat and there needs to be two cables to watch one channel whilst recording another.

However, we now have a solution to this problem.


The new ‘Single Cable Solution’ (SCS) delivers two signals down one existing single cable. This avoids having to ‘over wire’ the flats with a second cable.


This solution at last allows property managers, private landlords and housing associations to provide tenants with the full Sky+ service.

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