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Our local TV aerial & satellite installer lives nearby and knows the local reception conditions in Swindon and its surrounding area very well. He is happy to visit you free of charge and leave you with a quotation or carry out the work there and then. Book an appointment on 01793 474720.


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TV Reception Conditions in Swindon

TV aerial reception conditions in Swindon are not always good. There is a hill to the north side of the town which blocks signals to some of the town and all of the three available main transmitters are over 30 miles away.

Conditions are different in different parts of Swindon. For the west of the town the best signals are received from the Mendip transmitter which is near Bristol and this transmitter works well, although an outside aerial is needed for good digital reception. This is the case for the Grange Park and Toothill areas. Towards the east of Swindon around the Walcot and Dorcot areas, the Oxford transmitter gives the best reception. Again, good reception is available here.

There is a poor reception area where neither of these transmitters work well. The area around Pinehurst and Severn Avenue is partly blocked from signals from both of the main transmitters. Because of this, a local transmitter has been installed at Seagry Court on the top of the hill. This serves the area down the hill on the other side of the nature reserve. As with most ‘local’ transmitters, it doesn’t deliver the full range of channels found on a main transmitter. The BBC and ITV / Channel 4 programmes are broadcast but most of the minor channels are missing.


Our TV Aerial installers are experienced in the Swindon area and will be able to advise you as to which transmitters are available to you. If the main transmitters aren’t available then we can offer Freesat as an alternative way to receive the full range of channels.  OXFORD AERIALS also provide a Sky dish installation service.


We provide domestic and commercial TV aerial and satellite installation services. No job is too big or small. Call 01295 211780 or 01865 400141 for a free quotation.


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Local TV Reception Conditions

Swindon is pretty well on the divide between two main regional TV transmitters. To the north east of the town, the Oxford transmitter delivers the strongest signal and so is mainly used. Towards the south west of Swindon the Mendip transmitter near Bristol is the stronger.

There are a couple of areas outside the town where reception is difficult from either of the main transmitters. There is a weak spot around Chiseldon, Liddington and Wanborough. In these and the surrounding villages it is possible to use of the main transmitters in favourable spots but in many roads it is not possible. There is a local fill in transmitter in Chiseldon that gives an alternative option to these villages. However, like most local transmitters only some of the channels are delivered. The BBC and ITV channels are provided but about half of the Freeview stations are not broadcast.


Oxford Aerials installers also carry Freesat equipment and customers sometimes opt for a Freesat installation instead of an aerial on the local transmitter so that the full range of channels is received. The cost is similar.  


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