TV aerial & Sky satellite installation services in the Abingdon area OXFORD AERIALS are your local TV wall mounting installers. We have many years experience, so if you are looking to have your Plasma, LCD or LED TV installed or moved we can offer you a range of services.


If you have already bought your TV and now require a television installation then give us a call. We are happy to supply you a bracket or fit your own. One of our television fitters can call out to you to carry out a free survey and discuss your requirements. We are also able to connect up all your home entertainment systems to operate correctly with your new TV, whether it is Freeview, Sky TV, Freesat or your DVD/VHS system.


We provide our TV fitting service in Oxfordshire, Berkshire & Buckinghamshire for any size of TV. If your TV installation is required for example in a kitchen or bedroom or something larger such as a home cinema system, then we are happy to help. We can also provide commercial TV installation for our business customers and are able to supply a good range of brackets, for example, hanging TV's from roof mounts.


Call us on 01865 400141 or alternatively you can use our enquiry form for some free advice or to arrange a free visit from one of our local installers.


Types of TV Brackets


The flat to wall bracket is the most common choice for Plasma and LCD TV installation. This bracket keeps your TV profile very neat with the TV being as close to the wall as possible. This type of TV bracket is the best choice to show off your TV to its best advantage. Once this bracket and your TV have been mounted the screen remains static and cannot be moved or tilted. Our charge to supply and fit a small bracket (up to 40”) is around £85 plus vat and for larger screens (up to 69”) is around £220 plus vat.
The other option to think about is a swivel and tilt bracket. This bracket is one of the most costly but also one of the most flexible and offers more than the previous one. Once this bracket is fitted on the wall it doesn’t have to stay put. The TV can be manoeuvred into a wide range of positions, for instance it can be tilted to different angles at the same time as being swivelled around or you could turn the screen all the way to the left or right when pulled out on the extending arm. Where there is more than one viewing area or in a kitchen where you may wish to view the TV from more than one work surface or if you want TV installations in the living room then this bracket is ideal. When you are not watching the TV it can be pushed back to the wall out of the way. Please be aware that this type of bracket is very thick with lots of metalwork behind the TV and so do not look as neat. The charge to supply and fit a bracket is £200 plus vat for a small TV (screen up to 47”).
For an extra £25 or so plus vat we can provide trunking to cover the cabling. Alternatively, we can chase the cables into the wall and fill. We charge £45 / hour plus vat for this service.


If any of your TV's are smaller or larger than the ones priced above then we are always happy to source the correct bracket for you.


Call us now on 01865 400141 or you can use our enquiry form for free advice and a quotation or to make a no obligation survey.